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  1. Residential HVAC Forum
    10 to 12 yr Lennox ML180UH nat gas furnace. Gas valve does NOT seem to open after igniter lit for about 5-7 seconds. It glows red. Control board red and green lights flash simultaneously slow at first, then fast which indicates normal and call for heat. When the two gas valve wires are...
  2. General HVAC Discussion
    I went to do an electrical inspection for someone and I found their furnace motor leaking oil. Someone had put some kitty litter under it to catch the spill too. The woman told me she had a furnace guy come out and he said everything work, or everything was fine but I pointed out to her that the...
  3. Residential HVAC Forum
    Hi boys, I have a stubborn job with a Carrier furnace Model# 58GS100-GB Series 160. Approximately three times within a 24 hour period, the calls for heat both during day & overnight (always once), the furnace will not respond to the call for heat, the customer is using the Honeywell digital...
  4. Residential HVAC Forum
    customer has an old International mobile home furnace. About a year ago I replaced the gas valve and pilot assembly. Ever since then I've had to relight the pilot several times. I've replaced the thermocouple twice. Checked gas pressure, any condition that would blow the pilot out and it still...
  5. Residential HVAC Forum
    What are the list of services performed for a combustion efficiency tune up for gas boilers and furnaces. I use a Bacharach unit.
  6. General HVAC Discussion
    how I can interlock roof fan with furnace. what kind of relay i need to use
  7. Residential HVAC Forum
    I am trying to locate a furnace model number, the furnace looks like a Rheem or a Ruud but has no markings of either on it, I have a model number I took off the furnace but I cant find it on line anywhere. Model #90J07EES01 Serial #GE5D302F080704005 Any help would be greatly appreciated Mark
  8. Residential HVAC Forum
    Okay this has come up a couple times, I have found a lot of furnaces when you turn on the bathroom fan the blower starts to insure fresh air up here is proven, my concern I have seen this turn on the a/c units <div><br></div><div>Now I usually install Honeywell pro 6000 great little tstat can...
  9. General HVAC Discussion
    Hi everyone. I just wanted to share my blog with you and get some input of what you think. We use this blog to give our customers tips about air conditioners, furnaces, indoor air quality, and more HVAC related information and tips. Click Here To See Our Blog :)
  10. Residential HVAC Forum
    I'll start by saying that I do very little duct work with my job. So I'm having a probablem designing the duct work for my own house. I have a Harmon wood pellet furnace that I was using as a air handler for my AC. Well after several leaks in the old 10 seer unit I got a entire new system, in...
  11. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Howdy all, I am looking to expand my inventory on defective furnace control boards. (commercial or residential) I know most get thrown away but I am willing to offer a cash incentive per board. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions or concerns. Tanks Berry Much!! :thumbsup:
1-11 of 11 Results