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  1. Commercial HVAC Forum
    Been working on a walkin freezer, this is a 404a system, the problem is the coil has to much ice build up and running to warm I had problem with defrost control got that fixed coil problem and got that fixed. I put my gauges on today and put small charge to it I was running 150 head and 10* coil...
  2. General HVAC Discussion
    I have a walk in that is not going into defrost, the defrost timer is new someone else wired this in. This is a Paragon 8145-20. If you can make any sense of this I have L1 going to 1, L2 to N common and blue from the bulb temp control all going to N, the other blue wire from temp. control going...
  3. General HVAC Discussion
    i am having issues on a customers old ice cream chest freezer. Started by having to replace compressor then valve was not working so we replaced valve. I don't have number on compressor handy but it is 1/4 horse or mabybe a 1/3 low temp tin can. Valve size that was put in first time was 1/2ton...
1-3 of 3 Results