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410a accident...

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Re: 410a accident...

I know I am a few years late to the conversation, but hopefully this still gets read.

It is a pretty common thing seeing guys getting ahead of themselves and doing things the quickest and easiest way possible, and just as common to see at ppthe same time how things can not go the way you think it would, like putting the torch to a line assuming there it isn't holding any pressure and suddenly find out it still has a little pressure on it. Best thing to do is use a recovery machine to pull and collect the freon left on the lines before opening it up to the atmosphere, but they take a little more time to use and many techs dont even carry them in their service van if they even own one, so next best thing is like a few already mentioned, cut the lines loose instead of using the torch, using tubing cutters preferably because it doesn't create metal shavings like a saw does, that way you reduce the risk of burning down the customers home or place of business, and you reduce the risk of causing any injury to yourself and those around you. With a good tubing cutter, it takes about the same amount of time as a torch would and alot lighter to carry especially if it's up in a tight attic. Even though you'll have to eventually carry the torch there when you go to brazen in the lines to the new coil, but isnt that what an apprentice is for? Lol
Basically though, with all the reasons regarding the use of a vacume pump while using a torch and pulling moisture into the line aside, there are alot of ways to get injured or injure the people around you as it is, so the safest way is usually always the best way to go so everyone can go home to their family at the end of the day and putting an open flame to a possibly still pressurised copper line that has a flammable substance inside with the intention of releasing that pressurised flammable oil doesn't really seem like the safest thing to do.

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