Why Is Hydronic Floor Heating Beneficial For Allergy Sufferers?

January 28, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
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If you have been struggling with allergies or asthma in your home, you might find that hydronic floor heating is the answer. This is because forced-air systems can actually exacerbate symptoms, meaning that your family suffers longer and at times when they shouldn’t have to. Winter is stressful enough on our bodies with all of the bugs going around, we don’t need asthma and allergies, too!

Why is forced-air heating bad for allergies and/or asthma?

Whilst forced-air systems are quite effective at moving heat around our homes, they are also guilty of moving dust, pollen and other allergens around, too. These substances can aggravate asthma symptoms (or even bring on an attack) and expose your family to allergens that they may need to avoid. If you have ever had your ductwork cleaned, you will know just how much dust is involved.

Why is hydronic heating better for these sufferers?

The great thing about hydronic heating is that it is a much cleaner option. Hot water is passed through pipes laid beneath your floor, whilst the heat transfers up into the room beyond. This completely eliminates air movement, which also eliminates dust, pollen and allergen circulation around your home. You will also notice a decreased presence of these substances in your home.

As well as being able to breathe easier, your family will be able to enjoy toasty warm floors during the winter – even in the bathroom! Feel free to walk around barefoot or in thin socks without fear of freezing your toes off. This will actually help you to minimise the presence of illness in your home, meaning less days off school for the kids and more sick days in your back pocket.

Hydronic heating will also make cleaning your home much easier if you are an allergy or asthma sufferer yourself – as the presence of dust, pollen and allergens has been reduced, you won’t have to worry about exacerbating your symptoms every time you pull out the duster. Floor systems also mean that your home requires less cleaning, as the dust is prevented from spreading.

So, if you are at your wits end when it comes to relieving the asthma or allergy symptoms of your family, we recommend that you consider the installation of hydronic floor heating. The team at Cambro Boilers also has experience with systems that are suitable for existing homes (panel radiators), so we have every type of home covered! Contact us today to learn more.

More info: http://www.cambroboilers.com.au/hydronic-heating


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