Purpose of UV-C in HVAC Systems

July 21, 2014
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HVAC systems are capable of eliminating large particles, but even allergy-rated filters can’t stop the smaller bacteria and mold spores, and certainly not viruses because the pore size is too large.

Ultraviolet-C (UV-C) in the form of light energy to destroy bio formations of bacteria’s virus inside cooling coils, drain pan and air filters. Ultraviolet is electromagnet wave directly produced in form of light with wave length of UV-C is 200 to 280 nm. UV-C was start used in mid-1990 by most of the HVAC Contractors to improve the indoor quality.

In Common most of the people will call dirt and some call it mud. Such kind of materials will continuously grow inside of your HVAC unit. Depend upon numerous research’s HVAC systems is a viable amplifier of vulnerable bacteria’s and virus. No matter how good the coil cleaner, sprayer or pressure washer used, it reaches about 1 inch into the coil and the organic and biologically active matter gets packed deeper into the coil fins. UV-C damage the molecule structure of organic bio farms accumulated over time and stop continuous build up.

  1. Saving Energy Cost
  2. Less Power Consume
  3. Optimized HVAC performance for ling run
  4. Reduce water Usage

 Indoor air quality is determined by levels of biological aerosol particles contains inside air, increase will affect the health of occupant. UV-C is used around in hospitals, laboratories, schools, government facilities, offices and homes.

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