How A Wardrobe Fitout Can Provide You With His And Hers Storage

January 27, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
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Living with your significant other (whether you’re married, engaged, de facto or just dating) brings with it all kinds of issues that you may not have needed to navigate before. One of these issues is the question of wardrobe space – how much should she get, and how much is he allowed to encroach on that? If you have found yourselves arguing about her shoes spilling over onto his side or his musty old jacket attracting moths, it might be time for a wardrobe fitout.

Take a moment to think about your current wardrobe space – do you have the luxury of a walk-in robe that has just been poorly organised or are you forced to share a single, freestanding rail? Now take a moment to consider how this space could be changed to provide you with more storage – do you have the room to install a walk- or built-in robe, or is there space for a chest of drawers? You need to both agree on how to proceed to avoid future arguments.

Communication: Planning a successful wardrobe fitout is all about effective communication. Make sure you (both) do plenty of research into the storage options available and choose those that you think could benefit either one or both of you. She might think you both need a lot of hanging space, whereas he has noticed that a lot of her clothes could actually be folded instead of hung on the rail. Try to keep things friendly during your discussion!

Equality: More often than not, the woman will have a considerably larger clothing collection than the man (sometimes, however, this is the other way around!). In these cases, it makes sense to ensure that the person with more clothing gets more storage. Whilst we aren’t saying that your girlfriend can take over the entire wardrobe, we are saying that you should allow her to have three drawers whilst you can make do with the other two.

Clean Out: This is actually the perfect time for the both of you to have a wardrobe clean out. Not only will this ensure that garments you no longer wear or that no longer fit are donated to someone in need, it will ensure that you’re not trying to store too much stuff. We recommend following a rule – if the item wasn’t worn last season or during the last 12 months (excluding more formal wear), it goes in the donation pile.

Outside the Box: Nearly every home could do with more storage, so why not try thinking outside the box? Some people have a rotating wardrobe fitout – summer clothes are vacuum-packed during the winter and vice versa. Others like to utilise every nook and cranny that they can find, such as the top of the closet and under the bed. Others still like to take over the guest room or another cupboard in the house to store lesser-used clothing.

We hope that you have found this article useful in efficiently and fairly creating a his and hers wardrobe fitout for your home. Whilst every couple is different, we are sure that a little communication, equality, a good clean out and thinking outside the box will provide you with all the storage you require. And, should one of you suddenly find themselves with a lot more clothes in the future, all you need to do is discuss how to proceed!

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