8 Tips For Choose Furniture For Your Outdoor Patio

February 12, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
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Anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors knows that great patio furniture can really make a difference in the comfort and function of your space. Whether you want an alfresco dining area to enjoy barbeques during the summer or you want a cosy nook to enjoy a cup of tea on a weekend, it is important that you have chosen the right sort of outdoor patio furniture.


  1. Make a List
    The very first thing you need to do is think about how you would like the patio to function – do you want an alfresco dining area, a place to entertain or a peaceful oasis? If you are interested in a combination of these functions, consider how the space is likely to be used most often.
  2. Take a Seat
    It is essential that you try out furniture before you buy it. Remember that comfortable pieces are likely to be used more often than uncomfortable ones. It is also important to remember that it doesn’t matter how good the furniture looks, if it’s uncomfortable it has failed.
  3. Easy Care
    We believe that you should spend as much time as possible enjoying your outdoor patio. This means that you should spend as less time as possible maintaining your furniture. You will find that most metal, teak, cedar and all-weather wicker pieces require the least amount of maintenance.
  4. Storage Woes
    Did you know that, by storing your furniture in a protected location (such as a garage) in the off-season, you can significantly prolong its life? Even the toughest pieces will eventually succumb to the effects of poor weather unless you store it properly when not in use.
  5. Colour Smart
    These days, you aren’t limited to neutral tones. There is a world of colourful finishes available for your furniture, from bold reds and yellows through to softer blues and greens. To avoid going overboard, stick to a colour palette that complements your patio’s function.
  6. Quality is Best
    The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true in terms of outdoor patio furniture. Make sure you shop with care and remember that, if a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. This will ensure that your pieces are both beautiful and long lasting.
  7. Look Down
    Why not lay a rug in your patio to tie the whole space together? Textiles have come a long way over the years, and now quick-drying ones specifically for outdoor use are available. This is the perfect way to bring the indoors out and add a luxurious touch.
  8. Dual-Purpose
    When you would like to use your patio for multiple functions, it is important that you have chosen furniture to suit all of them. An ottoman, for example, is great for putting your feet up and offers additional seating when you entertain. This will also reduce your clutter.

We hope that you find the above tips useful in choosing furniture for your outdoor patio; we know we did! At the end of the day, if your space is welcoming and functional we are sure that you will find yourself spending a lot more time outside when the weather is fine. If you want, you could even look into pieces that make the patio suitable for use during winter!

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