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Please help

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Please help

This might be a stupid question but all throughout school I learned a lot and grew so much as a trades man but since Iíve been in the field certain things arenít clicking. My question is why do people recommend ball valves and lownloss fittings to reduce chance of getting burned. they make it seem like the refrigerant that is being sprayed out when disconnecting your hoses comes from your hoses because the ball valve shuts of gas from going to your hose but you still have to remove it from the Schrader Accra valve. So why would a ball valve help that.

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Re: Please help

I don't use ball valves I I like to use the low-loss quick-connect fittings that screw on the end of a conventional Refrigeration gauges hoses. Lot of times on the suction line I don't use it I just use the regular gauge. The low loss fittings shut off a little faster and are easier to get off of a high side connection. I have some ball valves but I only use those for certain testing things but not on the normal use

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Re: Please help

I have used both. Low loss and ball valves, I also have sets without. I don't advise low loss when pulling a vacuum. Ball valves would be my preferred choice. I also use a 4 valve manifold, isolate tank and high side hose then open low and high on gauges to suck refrigerant out of gauges. Don't forget to relieve pressure from gauges once off the machine.

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Re: Please help

Good advice - very helpful. Thanks!
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