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How to bid an HVAC job

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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

This is very true, I find that every customer wants to know how much and you may find yourself cheating yourself if you don't think of every thing involved in that job.

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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

Originally Posted by axzhvac13 View Post
Dont forget that you will need to have hvac contractors license. To qualify you must meet the contactors license requirements.
I thought that when you take your contractors license exam, they ask you questions on how to bid on the job. That's what they asked me on my c-20 exam.
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

Originally Posted by Kirwinjd View Post
Go to work for an HVAC contractor for about 5 years before deciding to go into the business. Nothing replaces hands on experience (not even an app)
You need the privilege to screw up many times at someone else's expense and hopefully learn from those screw ups. In California, you can't even qualify for a license until you've worked for someone at least 4 years.

The HVAC trade is vastly different from all other trades. You'll be swamped with calls when its hot. You'll be swamped with calls when it's cold. In between you'll be sitting at home watching old reruns of "leave it to beaver" while waiting for the phone to ring and worrying about paying the bills. Sorry I rambled. It's a good trade if you work hard at it. Best wishes
I just moved out of California, you need 8 years to get your license. Unless you are in the union you can get your journeymans after 4... And you are right about sitting at home half of the year, which is why I learned plumbing too, but frankly, I should have chosen electrical instead. It's way more fun... Anyways go for it dude you will sink or swim and you will definitely learn from your mistakes... I sure did... I started working for myself in LA and because I didn't have a license I could only do jobs up to $500. Anything over that required a contractors license. Which is why my partner came in handy... But I learned a big lesson on bidding jobs. I lost my ass on my first job just cause I didn't realize there was no supply house anywhere within an hour drive of the job... It sucked but its the best way to learn, ill never forget that lesson...
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

I would defiantly enter into a partnership, or start doing HVAC work yourself with another company and do you're electrical on the side. Not sure what state you are in, but certain circumstances you need an electrician to change out or add a breaker to the job, and they have to be licensed, That is something you could offer to the table.

Bidding on AC Jobs has a lot to do based on what cost you get the equipment for. and you wont even get the pricing out of most distribution companies with out a license for the specific trade/industry.
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

Originally Posted by mlite13 View Post
I am an electrician and am interested in starting an HVAC business. I have no idea how to bid the job. I can bid an electrical job all day. If someone can help I would really appreciate it.
Typically, you will bid for material and labour. You can add about 30% on material and number of hours it will take you to do the job.
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

Originally Posted by REP View Post
Computer apps are great but I'm sure you have to plug in some numbers in order for it to work.
You really have to know what it costs you to wake up each morning.
For instance all your insurance costs stay the same if you work or sleep in.
You have wear and tear on your truck and you need gas .You have to take into consideration the patio covers wear and tear on your tools especially the test meters vacuum pump,micron gauge stuff like that.
When you bid a job all that and a ton more has to come out of that bid,plus you add your labor.Are you a hard working honest contractor ? well believe it or not that is worth something as it will build your reputation and lead to business in the future.
Its not a simple issue if you intend to be around for a while.
What you need to do is schedule an appointment with a CPA that has experience in the HVAC industry to figure out what it costs you to get up in the morning.Then you can bid a job.
I have a really close friend that does HVAC, and he suggests that you charge based upon how friendly the customer is; meaning that if there is a breakdown issue again, or a friend in need, giving them a good price initially usually results in returning customers... but I suppose you could use a cookie-cutter method via software or policy...?
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

A lot of great tips here! Specially the iphone app! Thanks for sharing
If there is anyway I can help, don't hesitate to reach out! Visit Edens Air Conditioner & Heating Website For More Information!
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

I would recommend working with someone in the trade for awhile to learn these things
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

Originally Posted by mlite13 View Post
I am an electrician and am interested in starting an HVAC business. I have no idea how to bid the job. I can bid an electrical job all day. If someone can help I would really appreciate it.
How do you bid electrical jobs?

With anything sales you sell yourself and your company. I could tell you how to come up with numbers but you need some years learning the trade, knowing the problems and the fixes, before you can bid a job. A job is not equipment alone, it's so much more.

About 80% of hvac system malfunctions are due to airflow and duct design. So I sell systems and ducts. A lot. At high cost due to extreme value. And I have a proven track record of results. Doesn't matter if someon comes in a few grand beneath me, I'll get the job cause I know way more than the next ten dozen companies.

education is key as well as hands on experience. Until then bidding anything is out of the question.
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

the following may apply, but would not be reliable data to consider: labor: 38 percent, equipment: 27 percent, and overhead: 35 percent.
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Re: How to bid an HVAC job

i say trill and era it will be ok just aim hi make sure their is room if you have call backs
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