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If you have a website, you need to know your conversion rate

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If you have a website, you need to know your conversion rate

Okay, this is a condensed version of a post on my site, but it should be pretty digestible.

Basically, you can tell how well your website is getting you leads, change your site up a little (bigger phone number, pictures of your staff, etc,), and see if you get more phone calls.

What it is:

Conversion rate is just a fancy way of saying that X% of people come to your website, then call or email you.


If you want more leads: make a change, track conversions, compare to previous setup, then either revert or make the change permanent. Rinse and repeat.

Many HVAC websites could get a 20-40% increase in conversion rate by testing. Google "conversion rate testing". It's a huge deal and is used by many, many websites, from ecommerce to news.

If you have 100 website visitors in a month and 10 of them call you, your conversion rate is 10/100 = 10%. (Not a great conversion rate...)

Then maybe you decide to add a picture of you next to 3 of your trucks and your conversion rate goes to 15%. Now you're getting 15 calls/month. You decide to keep that picture of you and your trucks.

But the point is that you don't really know if your changes will work, so you need to pull the data from analytics.

What changes should you track?

You can track conversion rate changes for things like:
  • Header design (some are very cluttered)
  • Website colors
  • Chat box popups
  • Contact form placement
  • Stock photos vs real photos
  • Photos of people vs photos of equipment
  • Deals/freebies vs services offered
  • Clean and simple design vs more cluttered design
  • Logo placement
  • Videos on page vs no videos
  • Map on page vs no map
  • Financing offer on page vs no financing offer
  • Etc.

How do you track conversion rate?

This requires some setup. You need to know:

  • The visitors/month to your site
  • The number of form submits clicks and phone number clicks
You can use Google Analytics to enable click tracking so that every time someone clicks on your phone number or form submit, Google records it. Google can actually also track and calculate conversions for you.

It's a little complicated, but this Google page is a good start.

The low-tech method

You can also just ask every customer where they heard about you and keep a tally. This has the side benefit of letting you know how well other campaigns might be doing, like flyers and newspaper ads (or you could do that with call tracking #s). However, it's an awful lot of work when you can have the data calculated for you by Google.

So here's an example:

Example: Red-Green Site Design vs. Black-White Site Design

Let's say you have a new website design that's red and green. Your old one is black and white. You really like the new design, but you know you should test it.

You put it up, and your phone calls and emails go way down. You have no idea why this is, but you know your conversion rate just got cut in half. You go back to your old design.

Months later your buddy tells you about red-green colorblindness. You're in Florida and have a ton of retirees in your area, so maybe they couldn't see your phone number....

Your conversion rate tells you whether your making the right moves or not.

If you want to instantly increase your conversion rate:

- Make your phone number big and clickable. Tons of tiny phone numbers out there are hard to see and difficult to click.

- Make your website faster. Test it at https://gtmetrix.com. It's free. Get your speed under 4 seconds. Under 2 seconds would be better. Most HVAC websites have a bunch of useless plugins and unoptimized images slowing them down. People on slow mobile connections will just go back to the search results if your website is taking too long to load. Burn this into your brain: Every second is worth money.

- Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. 60-80% of your traffic is probably smartphone users (you can see this in your analytics). Make it easy for them to see trust signals on your page, find your contact info, and instantly call or email you.

The stuff you test is often just unconscious behavioral reactions by customers to your website.

Think like this:

Can someone call you within 5 seconds of clicking your URL in the search results?

Reduce friction as much as possible.

What kind of things make it easier for a potential customer to trust you?

If you have a picture of 5 trucks, employees, and your building right when your site loads, the customer can instantaneously say:
  • This guy has been around long enough to have 5 trucks > must be doing something right.
  • "Look at all the employees (families) this company takes care of."
  • Big enough to need a building > might get to me quickly and have parts on hand.
They might not explicitly think those things, but it's like when you meet someone and you instantly like/dislike them. Got it?

A few examples:

Chat vs. No Chat

This chat box is a little aggressive - it pops up as soon as you visit the website and the user never really gets a chance to check out the company's website and see if they're trustworthy.

Some of these chatboxes ping or "throb" - kind of makes me feel like I'm in a store with a pushy salesperson hovering over my shoulder.

But does it work?

It should be tested.

Above the Fold Offers vs. No Offers

This HVAC site advertises for a free air quality test. Now, if a visitor comes to the site from a search like "boiler repair" this doesn't match their search intent.

It might be better to have something above the fold that meets the searcher's intent, like "All types of Heating and AC Repair".

But maybe this works for them? Who knows, it should be tested.

Blocking Popup on Page Load

This is a super aggressive tactic - before the customer gets to take a look at the page, it's blued-out and overload with a popup.

If the customer knows you this might be okay. But it might be too much for a new customer that hasn't even seen what you do.

Will it work? Test it.

Also closely related is A/B testing. This is also a big deal in the online world and basically means that you run two versions of a web page at the same time until one is shown to outperform the other in a statistically significant way.

A/B testing can also be set up (for free) in Google Analytics.

Hope that helps somebody!


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Re: If you have a website, you need to know your conversion rate

This is really helpful! Thanks for sharing!
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