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Charging Cylinders

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Re: Charging Cylinders

Originally Posted by pipefitter636 View Post
Isn't that what you are supposed to do

Yes it is. Seems like a pain to set up your recovery stuff, just to put gas in a charging cyclinder.
What...... like watching the micron guage, or smoking a cig.
Generally. I let all wiring and other clean up till I'm pulling a vacuum.
Plus start writting up the invoice while the pump is running.

How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?
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Re: Charging Cylinders

Originally Posted by beenthere View Post
I got tired of filling them. Thats time that can be spent doing other things.

Back when I used them. They didin't have digital scales yet(atleast not portable ones).

I did however, discover that they can be a great training aid, when you want to teach someone about saturation_p/t.

PS: When you want to put 4 pounds in the 5 pound cyclinder, and at 3.2 pounds its pressure is equal to the tank your filling from. You are using a recovery machine to remove the vapor to get the rest of the liquid refrigerant in, right?
Believe me when I say I'm not advocating their use on a daily basis unless your partial to them and set up for it, but I can't simply dismiss them as antiquated technology either, as they are still a valid precision charging method with 1/4 oz accuracy. On the same note though, IMO, anyone that thinks their charging in the field to 1/10oz accuracy with a digital scale or refrigerant meter is fooling themselves, no matter what the scale/meter manufacturer says.

The 5lb models that I have are overkill for what I use them for. The last time I used one of mine was back in June with a total charge of 12.5 oz of R22. I would never even get close to 3 or 4 lbs using one of these. You can use the recover pump or the tank method, which I believe is also outlined in the manual.
I've heard that you could also use an empty evacuated recovery cylinder in a 5 gallon bucket of ice water, depending on how much vapor you really need to bleed off. Haven't tried that one yet, but it sounds feasable.
As long as you use a new clean evacuated recovery cylinder, this collected vapor is still virgin refrigerant and can be used in another system, so itís not wasted.
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Re: Charging Cylinders

i fixed a leak the other day and dialed in5.25 lb (I used the the extra volume that allows for expansion. So sue me). That was the base charge. Than i added liquid from my jug of 22 still i got the SC and SH.

2 1/2 ton split on a 1000 sq ft mobile home. 13 SEER.

I like my Dailer cause I don't have to move a lot of crap to get to my scale.

Gotta connect extra hoses, run a cord...Dail a charge is just easier.
Not Stupid, Just slow
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Re: Charging Cylinders

no :(
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